At the earliest of the year 1395, it was ordered by the municipality of Tehran to all the construction executors of the city to use blue and white colors for fences of construction projects in support of the motto expressing Blue Sky, Clean Earth.


The first adult international jumping competition in Iran was held in Bam Riding Club. 


Bam Riding Club inaugurated simultaneously with international adolescents competition on 24th April 2015. The competition started on 22th April and took place for adolescents, youth and adults classes in 3 days. 

In the second professional Real Estate Development (PRED) conference Fatemeh Sabzali ,

In order to help to the beauty of invironment and also respecting HSE principals,

Boostan which is a unique project of its kind was completed in eleven months and was built in conformity with all constructions standards.

Bam Niayesh project -a thirteen-story residential building in west of Tehran- was completed on schedule after 24 months.

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