“Project Management”, “Director of Quality Control and Engineering Coordination” and “Contract Management and Handling” are the three main engineering departments of Bam Engineering Development Group, which is responsible for managing integration, cost, time and most importantly Searching for superior quality in the field of construction. The most important actions are as follows:

1- Coordinating and integrating project engineering documents, including maps and technical specifications in the architecture, facilities, structures and special equipment departments.

2- Quantitative and qualitative planning of projects from the beginning and its control at defined stages

3- Issuing the necessary instructions for quality control and its monitoring

4- Issuance of HSE instructions and its monitoring

5- Preparation of engineering, procurement, financial and execution schedule

6- Carrying out assessment management in all project elements, including project managers, executive supervisors, main and component contractors, and suppliers

7- Carrying out contract processes, handling and systems related to delivery

8- Issuance of quality control certificates for projects