Residential Properties

Residential Buildings Bam Engineering Development Group is one of the biggest and the most well-known building companies in Iran benefiting from efficient,

Residential Properties

Bam Group is the market leader of making residential buildings in Iran benefiting from efficient, skillful engineers and creative designers. This company prides.

Commercial Buildings

Today in business the need for administrative, commercial and entertainment complexes is felt more than ever before. Bam Group employing some of the most competent staff

Medical Centers & Hospitals

Constructing huge hospitals equipped with the state-of-the art technology, observing the international standards in building hospitals and developing medical centers is a real challenge which a few building companies

Hotels and Recreation Centers

Nowadays, taking the increasing growth of population and construction of buildings in cities into account, it is vital to design different outdoor areas and to use natural elements to meet the need of relationship between human

Mass Housing

Relying on the wealth of experience and expertise of its managers, Bam Group is capable of designing and implementing a large number of mass-construction projects.