CEO’s Message Today, sophisticated business factors such as competition and globalization, unstable market environment, reduced government enterprise, the natural growth of firms and companies and their efforts to gain a larger share of the market and the possibility of entering new and profitable activities has led to merged firms in the form of mother companies (Holding) not only in developed countries but also in developing countries.  with God’s kindness and timeless efforts of our team and also paying attention to young and energetic staff trained and guided by seniors in line with excellent goals drawn in its strategic plan Bam Group prides itself on an excellent record of designing and constructing some of the unique projects of their kind including luxurious residential properties, residential properties, commercial buildings, medical centers, hotels and recreation centers and mass housing which has brought about great development in the country’s construction industry. In order to provide services to people based on innovative thinking Bam Group has tried to create different and remarkable construction projects from the time of drawing to the time of building which is life and sustainability.  Holding shareholders, staff members, customers and all Bam Group companies form the large family of Bam Engineering Development Group. Therefore Bam Group has based its planning on mutual respect, honesty and truth, trusteeship, satisfaction of each and every family member and promotes qualitative and quantitative indicators of desirability in the projects. We hope using valuable human capital, technical ability and genuine determination to witness increasing growth of the Bam Group and become the largest and most respected construction group in the private sector following international standards coupled with adherence to the Islamic and Iranian culture.

 Mahdi Kavoosi